How Estate Agents, My Estate Can Help You Manage Your Great Rental Property in Luton, Bedfordshire?

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Do you want to buy a property and put it on rent in the Bedfordshire area? Buying a house or apartment for the rental market is potentially a superb investment. Rent paid by tenants can obviously help pay your mortgage and build up equity in an asset that is based on current predictions for the trajectory of house prices. Furthermore, rent payments can also boost your annual income and provide you with funds to deploy elsewhere in stocks and shares. However, letting or putting your property on rent is not that simple. There is a lot involved in the process. In this article, a short guide to help the novice is made while renting their property.

Tips to Follow When Putting Your Property on Rent

        1. Do Your Background Checks

Since, you will understandably want your property occupied and paying its own manner as soon as possible, so it may be tempting to trust your first instincts and approve tenants without doing background checks. Background checks are essential but for a normal person letting his/her property is difficult to make a good background check. Loopholes in the background checks may cause extensive trouble later. Here is when you need the assistance of experts estate agents for the local area. Estate agents have an intensive knowledge of the local area and they can verify the background of the tenant efficiently. Trusting a tenant recommended by an estate agent is often a convenient option.

        2. Formalise Agreements

It’s crucial that you use a professionally drafted tenancy agreement to set out the terms and conditions of the let. This will make both you and your tenant’s rights and responsibilities legally binding, and will ensure that you have recourse to action if the tenant breaks any clause of your agreement. There are various online legal forms that you could use yourself for the tenancy agreement and this could cut back on fees. However, if you choose to use a letting estate agent, then they will set up the correct tenancy agreement for you. There are various laws and regulations applying to the landlord-tenant relationship and it’s vital that you are aware of and comply with this regime.

       3. Check the Property on a Regular Basis

Any visits to your property will have to make in accordance with the tenancy agreement that will contain a clause setting out when and in what circumstances you can enter the house. Do make time to visit your house. It will, of course, permit you to assess how well your tenant is treating your property and avert problems further down the line. You can also keep on the top maintenance and repairs so that minor problems don’t turn into more costly affairs.

Again, this is something that your letting estate agent will do on if you opt for them to manage the property on your behalf.

       4. Landlord Insurance

There is no legal obligation to take out landlord insurance, although your buy-to-let mortgage lender might insist that you buy this type of product. As well as giving you the usual buildings and contents insurance to protect you against losses in the event to say, fire, or environmental damage, it also offers protection against risks that are unique to landlords, including non-payment of rent, damage to the property caused by tenants, liability for accidents occurring on the premises and loss of income should tenants require temporarily rehousing while vital repairs are carried out.

Most insurance providers offer specialist landlord insurance packages and it is worth comparing their terms and costs to be sure that you are getting the best possible deal. Many insurers will give you a deal on insurance for multiple properties, a boon should you build up a portfolio of rental homes.

       5. Keep You Above the Mathematical Calculations of Financial Rewarding

Making sure that you continue to reap financial rewards from your investment has always been crucial. To this end, always keep on the top of your accounts for each property. The tax regime around investment properties has changed and there are various proposed legislative changes in the pipeline that could cost you money. So, it is more significant than ever to keep a close eye on your finances.


How Seeking Assistance from the Estate Agents of My Estate in Luton, Bedfordshire Helps?

Renting in Bedfordshire is a necessity for many people and even though this might be a more prudent financial option for many people and households in the local area, this is not to say that renting is cheap or affordable. Even in an area like Luton, which is quite recognised for offering value for money with respect to the property and rental market, the cost of moving in this area can be quite expensive.

However, if you are able to seek assistance from professional estate agents in Luton, Bedfordshire, you are able to find great properties at reasonable costs available for rent in the area. No doubt, Luton is a busy well-established residential and commercial town, located some 33 miles North of London. It isn’t just one of the largest UK towns but is also one of the most diverse places. Good housing certainly isn’t short supply in Luton. But, what you really need is professional assistance to find a great letting property in Luton.

My Estate in Luton, Bedfordshire is one of the pioneering real estate brokerage firms that offer assistance finding a great letting property in the local area. At My Estate, you can get details of both unfurnished flats and houses available in the area. All you need to do is contact the estate agents of My Estate in Luton or Bedford and provide brief details about yourself and the accommodation you need. If not urgent, you can even log your details so that the estate agents can contact you as any suitable property become available for letting. It is always better to start looking for a letting property a month before to not make wrong choices in a hurry and also since the nicer property get reserved more quickly. Tenancy deposits in My Estate are treated in accordance with Tenancy Deposit Protection Regulations.

Why Is It Essential to Seek Help from the Estate Agents to Find a Great Rental Property in Luton?

The estate agents are a link between a seller and a buyer, who will negotiate an agreement of sale acceptable to both parties. An offer to purchase is drafted by the estate agent that must be signed by the buyer, seller, and estate agent.

For his service, the estate agent charges a fee or commission that is paid by the seller. The commission payable is negotiable and must be discussed with the estate agent at the commencement of the transaction. The commission is usually calculated as a percentage of the selling price.

Benefits You Get Employing the Estate Agents of My Estate in Luton, Bedfordshire

Some of the benefits that one may get hiring an estate agent of My Estate in Luton include:

  • Peerless Service: The estate agents of My Estate in Luton offer highly professional and efficient range of real estate services for vendors and landlords. This is the reason; they consistently exceed expectations across all clients’ properties.

  • Helps Pick-Up the Best Property in the area: Almost every person house hunting in Luton wish to seek help from the estate agents of My Estate in Luton. The estate agents in My Estate seek to provide unrivalled assistance to people for finding the best rental property as per their need.

  • Best Pricing: When you have the experience and ability to negotiate properly, providing you with the probability of a higher price or rent and shorter time scale-proven by the reliable methods over so many years.

If you are looking to buy or rent a property in Luton, Bedfordshire, be sure to seek assistance from the estate agents of My Estate in Luton or Bedford. For more details about them, visit