Three Marketing Tips to Consider for Selling New Houses in Bedford

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The town of Bedford, located North of Greater London, and with a population of approximately 107,000, is the 69th largest urban area of the United Kingdom. This is a historic town founded on the banks of the Great Ouse River. The local economy of Bedford is primarily dominated by the service sector. At present, Bedford is one of the prime locations for real estate purchase. A great number of real estate buyers are now looking for properties for sale in Bedford. The reason behind this could be also the surge in the prices of the properties in the capital (i.e. London).

Since the year 2013, the property prices in Bedford have been rising at a faster rate. As per the statistical reports on real estate in 2014, when house prices in many areas of the region were relatively stagnant, the prices of the real estate properties in Bedford have shot up by around 5.4%. The new house costs in Bedford are stronger than in other areas of the United Kingdom.

Boosted by the Government’s help to purchase scheme, low-interest rates and the affordability of real estate in the area, the local homeowners are watching the value of their home rise rapidly for more than two years. But despite of this, there some caveats to bear in mind. The prospect of rising interest rates, new rules on property loans and increasing gap between the wages of the people and the house prices are all tempering demand to some extent. So, to attract more buyers for your property in Bedford, in satisfactory numbers, you will require to cast your net wide with a comprehensive marketing strategy.


But, strategising a well-planned marketing method to sell a property is not that simple. For homeowners, it’s just too difficult to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy on their own and staging the property for sale. In such a situation, what is actually needed is to contact a local estate agent with prior experience in the field.

An estate agent in Bedford will help you to draw upon experience, local real estate market knowledge and a network of contacts, in order, to maximise the market value of your house. All these attributes worth paying for it, means you can truly fulfil the price potential of your property.

If you are willing to sell your new house quickly in Bedford, contact our estate agents at My Estate now. Our estate agents have years of experience in the field and make their best efforts to offer you a smooth selling or letting experience. Our estate agents are completely committed to delivering the results you expect from experienced property professionals.

If you are in need to sell your new house in Bedford, then our estate agents will help you do that using advanced marketing strategies. Real estate marketing for new houses in Bedford consists of several unique strategies. It’s quite hard to market real estate property. Concrete methods and focus-oriented strategies are required to get optimal results.

In order to offer you a clear insight about the marketing strategies that generally yield good response on the new houses listed for sale in Bedford, include the following:

Local SEO Is Important

This is one of the most vital parts of real estate marketing. Most of the people, find what they are looking for on search engines today, so, if they aren’t able to know that they can find homes from you in the area, you are out of luck. Our expert estate agents know this fact very well, and so always necessarily focus on local SEO of the new houses available for sale.

Featured Social Media Marketing

To do this, you need an active social media presence. Social media is no doubt a significant part of real estate marketing. You can use it to help people to schedule tours, allow people to inquire about the houses and properties that are available for sale.

An expert knows what it takes to get your new house market on the social media platforms and so adapt to those tricks and techniques to provide you with greater responses.

Use Featured Videos of Your New Houses to Enable Digital Tours

Digital tours are a very effective way to get people to purchase a new house in Bedford. If somebody cannot make it to the area on schedule that can potentially harm their ability to sell a house.

Moreover, offering a digital tour successfully can be really difficult. You will need to take 360 view of the photos or videos. You may also require a professional photographer, videographer, video editor, etc., to do this.

There can be several other ways like using the features local channels for publicising or propagating about the availability of your new house for sale. We at My Estate are experienced enough to strategise a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy for your new house available for sale. So, approach our estate agents now, if you desire to get an effective listing of your new home for sale and get it properly promoted through all marketing mediums possible.